What is a Dental Veneer

A tooth veneer is a thin layer of porcelain that is bonded to the tooth after minor preparation. They provide a harmonized esthetic look and the results will last for a long time.

There are different types of teeth veneers. The choice will depend on the clinical findings such as existing tooth color, spacing, and quality of enamel.

All teeth veneers are hand crafted in our in-house dental laboratory.  At Obeid Dental we will perform a mock up better known as, a try in, of how your future smile will look prior to deciding proper treatment. In some situations, dental veneers cannot deliver the desired esthetic look, especially if the color of the original teeth are very dark.

The good news is that there are always options.  At Obeid Dental we will make sure that you receive the best treatment to fit your dental needs, esthetic desire and work within your budget.