Indication for Teeth Veneers

Changing the size and shape of teeth:

Changing the size and shape of teeth before
Changing the size and shape of teeth after

​If your teeth are too small, or have an imbalanced form, veneers can correct size discrepancy and asymmetry

Discolored Teeth:

Discolored Teeth before
Discolored Teeth after

​Teeth can be discolored for many reasons. Some are external factors such as brown yellow staining from food and tobacco. Some staining is internal such as tetracycline staining. Fluoridation spots initially present as white but are prone to become darkened by food and beverages.

Spacing Between Teeth:

Spacing Between Teeth before
Spacing Between Teeth after

​Clinically referred to as ‘diastema’, referring to an excessive space between teeth. This can be cute on kids but many adults feel self conscious of the gap. Porcelain veneers are an excellent choice to treat this condition.

Large Cavities on the Anterior Teeth:

Large Cavities on the Anterior Teeth before
Large Cavities on the Anterior Teeth after

​Front teeth with fillings are usually treated with a tooth colored composite. Eventually this material can dull or discolor with food stain. Larger fillings may be best treated by veneer.


Trauma before
Trauma after

Loss of tooth structure due to sport injury, accidents and excessive wear can be treated with veneers to visually restore the damaged areas.

Smile Makeover:

Smile Makeover before
Smile Makeover after

​Veneers can create an overall smile makeover. For changes to the size, shape, and the color of your teeth, or for replacing previous dental work that is beginning to show its age, veneers are a conservative and highly effective option.