Digital Dentures

Digital Dentures are the latest advancement in dentistry.  Dr. Youssef Obeid is a leading pioneer in the United States that uses this technology.  Obeid Dental was featured on CNN to talk about the procedures of fabricating a digital denture.   This makes us one of the most experienced offices to offer this treatment in the DC Metro Area and nationwide.

The Digital Denture fabrication requires fewer visits than conventional dentures.  The design and fabrication is made using a direct relationship with AVADENT (manufacturer) and the results are amazing.

Some of the advantages of digital dentures include:

  • A more comfortable fit.
  • Less bacteria adherence, thus no bad denture smell.
  • It is much stronger than a conventional denture and uses less material giving the denture a thinner appearance and feel.
  • Your denture will have a digital file, incase your denture is lost a new denture can be fabricated without the need of a clinical procedure.  You will call us and new denture will be milled for you.