Immediate Same Day Dental Implants

Same Day Implants

If you are about to lose all of your teeth or have lost all of your teeth and are currently wearing a full denture, then this procedure is highly recommended for you.

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The most difficult experience in dentistry is the transition from having teeth to wearing a conventional removable denture even, for a short period of time. With the immediate load protocol or teeth in a day, the implants will be placed the same day of extraction with delivery of an immediate fixed cosmetic and functional temporary acrylic bridge. This procedure is all done on the same day, in one office, Obeid Dental by Dr. Youssef Obeid.

The procedure will require some pre-planning and the recovery is fast. The conservative surgery and the ability to receive a fixed temporary on the same day will ensure you have a speedy recovery, a quick return to work and back to your normal lifestyle in a short period of time.