All Ceramic Crowns


The concept of the all-ceramic crown is not new to dentistry and has been used for a very long time. Today, a wave of technological advances to materials have yielded ceramic crowns that are far superior to their predecessors. Whether made of Zirconia or E-Max, these crowns are stronger than ever, fit more comfortably and deliver a more esthetic result.

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An all-ceramic crown may not be suitable for every case. Each patient brings a specific set of needs and parameters for fit, strength and aesthetics. At Obeid Dental all of our ceramic crowns are fabricated in our state of the art, in-house laboratory by our master dental technician. With Dr. Obeid‘s expertise and the talent of our in-house dental technician, we ensure that a ceramic crown is as stunning as any other restoration that is fabricated at Obeid Dental.

All Ceramic crowns
All Ceramic crowns

An all ceramic crown is made without a metal base. This type of restoration has a long history of use in dentistry. However, because they contained only ceramic materials, these crowns could become brittle and be easily damaged. Today, there have been many advances in the materials used for an all ceramic crown, which greatly increase the strength and durability of the crown. Of these new materials, the most prevalent are Zirconia and E-Max. Zirconia crowns must be designed and milled by computer design. There are several types of Zirconia crowns, and they can vary in strength. E-Max can be conventionally made or designed and milled by computer design.