Dental Crowns

In general, the term ‘crown’ means a full coverage restoration. The roots of your tooth remain intact as well as some tooth structure above the gumline. The finished restoration is cemented to this remaining tooth structure, encircling the tooth a full 360 degrees.

Crowns usually require two appointments. The first is to prepare the affected tooth. The degree of preparation will vary based on the extent of damage to the tooth. In some cases, materials must be added to the existing (above-gumline) in a procedure called a ‘core build up’. This ensures that the final restoration will be have the necessary surface area for full adhesion. After tooth preparation, a dental impression is made so that the restoration can be fabricated to fit the remaining tooth. This can be either an ​all ceramic crown​ or a ​conventional crown.​ Before leaving the office, the patient is fitted with a temporary crown. The crown is then fabricated by our in-house laboratory. The second appointment is then needed to cement and deliver the crown.

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